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Day 5 - May 11th

Lovelyn Palm (Shine Village Initiative) - TBA

Si Foster (A Bountiful Kitchen) - How to Turn a Meal Into a Memory

Mel Gunnell (Mel's Kitchen Cafe) - How to Feed a Family without Losing Your Sanity

Lauren Tucker (An Organized Life) - Simplify Your Life through Organization

Janssen Bradshaw (Everyday Reading) - Making Space in Your Family for Reading

Dr. Katie Penry (A Friendly Affair) - How to Look at Your Phone Less + Your Children More

Kelsey Hansen (Simple Life by Kels) - Bread is a Health Food

Stephanie Webb - 2018 Happy Healthy Mom Summit Wrap-up


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Day 4 - May 10th

Devrie Pettit (Be Happily Fed) - Are Your Healthy Habits Hindering Your Health?

Ralphie Jacobs (Simply On Purpose) - Creating a Happy Home through Purposeful + Positive Parenting

Dr. Eboni Hollier (Dr Eboni Peds) - TBA

Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife - How to Create + Maintain a Sexual Sense of Self in Motherhood

Reachel Bagley (Cardigan Empire) - Body Image Rehab + How to Get the Most Out of Your Clothes

Jaclyn Irwin (Holistic Foodie) - How to Stop Dieting for Good

Kim Giles (Clarity Point Coaching) - Your Life is Just Right for You

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Day 3 - May 9th

Kristen Duke (Capturing Joy) - How to Prepare for + Parent Older Kids with Love + Respect

Courtney Killpack (Bra Fittings by Court) - How a Correctly-Fitting Bra Can Change Your Life

Chelsi Rasmussen (A Good Enough You) - Overcoming Perfectionistm + Practicing Whole-Hearted Living

Kami Larsen (Cleanse Your Life) - How to Learn to Love Your Body Through Self-Care

Kathryn Bruni-Young (Mindful Strength) - How to Build Mindful Strength

Kelsey VanKirk (Simply Life On Purpose) - How to Stop Making Excuses, Live on Purpose, and Create Space for What Matters Most

Jenny Eden Berk (Jenny Eden Coaching) - TBA

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Day 2 - May 8th

Meg Miles (MomStrong Utah) - Empowering Yourself Through Fitness + Building Strength

Toye Releford-Penny (So 7 Health) - Simplifying Healthy Eating for Busy Moms

Jessica Millar (Mommy Yoga) - Practicing Yoga to be a Stronger Mom

Sara Korzeniewski (The Organic Dietitian) - What Every Woman Needs to Know About Hormones

Ashley Nowe (Get Mom Strong) - Shifting Your Postpartum Mindset to Help You Heal, Nourish, + Thrive

Stacey Mattinson, RD - Positive Body Image During Pregnancy + Beyond

Dr. Shivani Gupta - An Ayurvedic Approach to Health + Conscious Pregnancy 

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Day 1 - May 7th

Stephanie Webb (Summit Host, Nutrition Redefined) - Welcome to the 2018 Happy Healthy Mom Summit!

Lisa Funk (Hand-Lettered Design)  - The Nourishing Power of Creativity: Finding a Hobby that Fills Your Cup

Dr. Renee Engeln (Beauty Sick) - Beauty Sick: How to Overcome the Cultural Obsession with Appearance

Anitra Durand Allen (The Mom on the Move) - How to Find Your B.L.I.S.S.™ as a High-Performing Mom 

Julie Taylor (So Canary) - The Way You Mom is the Best Way to Mom

Emily Fonnesbeck, RD - Nourishing Confidence

Stephanie Morrison - How Your Emotional Conflicts are Showing Up as Physical Symptoms

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